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7 Job Search Habits to Break Before the New Year.

De : Maureen McCann

1. Blasting your network with messages about job loss. ✔ Instead: Send a tailored message to a specific person asking for a one-on-one conversation. Start building relationships with individuals. Rinse and repeat. 2. Relying on job boards. ✔ Instead: Take ownership of your job search. Expand your network. Conduct market research. Collect insights from first... Read more »

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An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

De : Maureen McCann

Push down all of your negative self-talk and summon the courage to talk to at least three people at in-person events. My friend Constance introduced me to this technique years ago. She is a natural networker, very inquisitive and always knows precisely what to say. I, conversely, struggle to fill the silence, attempt to meet as... Read more »

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This advice comes with a warning.

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Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Let me point out a few posts offering conflicting advice that I found in my LinkedIn feed last month. ⚡ Only connect to people you know | Connect to everyone. ⚡ Cover letters are dead | Cover letters help you stand out in today’s market. ⚡ Resumes... Read more »

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Use what you know to land your next job

De : Maureen McCann

Ramona was looking for her first CEO role. In our sessions, she asked great questions, did the work and managed to transition industries and earn the title of Chief Executive Officer. How? She did what she does best. She used the business skills and acumen she already possessed. Specifically, she: 👉 managed her network and... Read more »

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Networking works.

De : Maureen McCann

My friend Ruth is an executive who loves to talk to me about her career. And I love listening. She is particularly strategic in everything she does. When I suggest a tip or a resource, she’s on it! So, it’s no surprise I got this message from her. “Maureen, I’ve known for a while I... Read more »

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