Can Career Services Really Improve Your Career?

10 Pages, PDF Format

If you’re struggling in the job market, feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and unsure of your next corporate role, this workbook addresses key topics in the job search process and how the direction of a qualified career professional can help. You’ll learn how working with a career professional can help you feel empowered and be ready to take action on a new career path.

  • Career Assessment & focus
  • Career change & transition
  • Job search management
  • Interview skills

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Career Change Exploration

5 Pages, PDF Format

Did you know that the average person will have six different careers in their lifetime? Deciding to explore a new career can be exciting as well as unnerving. This workbook will guide you in understanding your career possibilities. You’ll answer questions designed to give you insights into what’s important to you when looking to transition to a new career.

  • What are you most proud of in your past work experience?
  • How much do you need to make in your next job/career?
  • What are the kinds of things you’d be doing each day working in your dream job?
  • List the things you like about your current job/career.

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Following Up with Employers

10 pages, PDF Format

During the job search process, it’s essential to show a potential employer you have what it takes to be a part of their team. An effective strategy to stay top-of-mind is to follow up after the interview. This workbook will provide ideas and strategies for conducting an interview follow-up so you can show that you’re the best candidate for the position.

  • How to Follow-up with the Interviewer
  • Phone Script for Each Step
  • Strategies for an Informative Interview
  • And More…

How to Conduct Research for Your Job Search

14 pages, PDF Format

Learning about a target company’s culture, financial stability, and opportunities when changing careers is essential. Researching a company demonstrates to the interviewer that you’ve done your homework and that you are eager to understand their business model and culture. In this workbook, you’ll learn why investing time in research is important and online tools to help in the research process.

  • Why Do Research?
  • What Type of Information Should You Look For?
  • Researching an Industry
  • How to Compile Your Research Information
  • And More…

How to Say It- Job Search Scripts Checklist

4 pages, PDF Format

Follow-up in a job search process is an important step and is often overlooked by applicants. If you’ve sent your resume or attended an interview, and you haven’t heard back, this quick checklist addresses the steps you can take to when conducting a follow-up with a potential employer.

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Jobseeker’s guide to a Job Searching During a Pandemic

10 pages, PDF Format

Looking for a new career can be challenging in any environment, but add in a pandemic, and it’s a game-changer! Don’t lose hope; many companies are looking to add new talent to their team. This workbook provides guidance on approaching the job market, best practices for virtual interviews, and additional tips to consider when applying for new job postings.

  • Exploring Contract Work Opportunities
  • Job Script for Call Prepping
  • Strategies for a Networking during a Pandemic
  • How to Make the Most of Your Previous Contacts
  • And More…
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Jobseeker’s Guide to Networking Your Way to the Next Job

26 pages, PDF Format

Networking is a vital avenue to consider when identifying unadvertised job opportunities. This workbook will show you how to develop a strong personal network that can lead to your next career opportunity. You’ll learn the power of building peer relationships, ideas on how to develop your referral network and networking tips for when you attend a business event.

  • What is the Hidden Job Market?
  • Developing Your Referral Network
  • Target Your Networking Activities
  • Networking, Social Media and Technology
  • And More…

Jobseeker’s Guide to Searching for Contract Work Opportunities

17 pages, PDF Format

One out of every eight employers utilizes temporary or contract employees, so it’s an excellent opportunity to consider. This workbook offers valuable pointers on where to find temporary and contract jobs and includes tips to consider once you have become a temp/contract employee. You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of each job type and understand what the future holds for this type of employment.

  • Why Contract Work?
  • What is Contract Work?
  • Where to Find Work Opportunities
  • The Future of Contract Work
  • And More…

Jobseeker’s Guide to Virtual Interviews

20 Pages, PDF Format

Many companies now prefer to screen candidates via virtual interviews. Once they see you’re a good fit, they invite you for an in-person interview. This workbook addresses all the critical points you need to remember to succeed in a virtual interview. You’ll learn tips to prepare for the virtual interviews and gain the confidence you need to excel in landing the next step the in-person interview.  

  • Phone Interview Preparation
  • Phone Interview Do’s and Don’ts
  • Video Interview Preparations
  • Video Interview Do’s and Don’ts
  • And More…

Jobseeker’s Guide to Your First Resume

5 pages, PDF Format

Creating your resume can be exciting at the same time, a little overwhelming. It’s important that everything you include on the résumé should focus on getting you the opportunity to interview for the potential job. This checklist provides guidance on how to create your resume, what areas to include and omit, best practices on resume writing and additional tips to consider as your experience grows in the workforce.

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Jobseeker’s Salary Negotiation (2021)

29 pages, PDF Format

Discussing compensation can cause anxiety for both employee and employer. If you’re thinking of negotiating your salary, or perhaps you want to ask for a raise in your current job, this workbook addresses how to approach the topic of salary negotiations. You’ll learn how to negotiate, the right time to ask for a raise, and suggestions on how to approach the topic in the interview.

  • Negotiating a Salary at a New job
  • Timing Your Raise Request
  • How to Handle a Request for Salary on Application Forms
  • Timing the Salary Discussion in an Interview

And More…

Jobseeker’s Guide to the Hidden Job Market

4 pages, PDF Format

Many potential jobs go unadvertised; a factor to consider as you start the job search process is where to find opportunities that are not made public. This detailed checklist provides suggestions on where to find unadvertised jobs and how to increase your visibility so you can be noticed by a prospective employer.

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Surviving Sudden Unemployment

3 pages, PDF Format

Becoming unemployed can be difficult, but remember, it can happen to anyone. Now that you are unemployed, there are many steps you can take as you actively wait for further employment. This easy-to-follow checklist guides you on areas to consider now that you are unemployed, such as: updating your resume, applying for unemployment insurance, spending time on personal development and upgrading your skills with online courses.

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Your Interview Preparation Workbook

6 pages, PDF format

You can’t possibly prepare for every interview question that exists.

You need to know how to select and share the best examples of your career accomplishments with your next employer.

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Your Job Search Checklist

4 pages, PDF format

Here are 10 tips for success in your job search.

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