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Is it time to start strengthening your career ‘muscles’ again?

Is it time to start strengthening your career ‘muscles’ again?

Last summer I stopped running for the first time in 20+ years. Running wasn’t fun for me that spring and I knew if I kept pushing myself, I was only going to make things worse. So I gave myself permission to stop.

Fast forward to the fall of 2022 and it was time to integrate running back into my life.

The thing was my run muscles hadn’t been used in a long time. Runs felt heavy and difficult and with every run I did, I was uninspired to do the next one.

I needed to rebuild my run muscles before I could perform like I used to.

Knowing myself the way I do; I knew I’d need to slowly build in some accountability, so I sought out the help of a personal trainer.

My personal trainer immediately:

  1. Validated my initial concerns.
  2. Set up regular sessions.
  3. Eased me into a training regimen.
  4. Slowly helped me re-establish my confidence.
  5. Encouraged me to continue my workouts at home.

I needed a guide because what had worked for me in my 20’s and 30’s wasn’t working anymore.

The same can be said about your career.

When you’re unsure about why your regular efforts aren’t working anymore; when it feels harder and more like work to do the same things you did before with ease – it’s time to invest in your career development.

As you progress in your career, there are fewer and fewer opportunities. Competition is at an all-time high so you’ll need to develop your job search muscles again. Specifically, things like:

  • Refining key messages.
  • Defining goals and anticipated outcomes
  • Implementing a strategy and plan to get from here to there.
  • Energizing your network.
  • Developing your ability to self-promote.
  • Arranging Information interviews.
  • Consulting Labour Market Information (LMI).

When you decide to invest in your career goals and consider investing in a career coach to help you along.

  1. You’ll likely feel a sense of calm or ease knowing you have a plan, plus supports in place to get you from here to there.
  2. You’ll have a partner and a guide able to anticipate and help you avoid any blind spots or pitfalls.
  3. Your guide will anticipate what you need and support you through the highs and lows until you achieve your goal.

If I learned anything this summer, it’s that my body needed a break from running so I could come back stronger, better equipped and ready to ‘go the distance.’

If you’ve been on a career development break, maybe it’s time to come back to it?

Is it time to invest in you again?

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About The Author
Maureen McCann is an award-winning career coach, master resume writer, and master certified interview, employment, and career strategist whose clients include C-level executives, managers, and professionals in all industries including the Canadian banking, oil and gas, healthcare, IT, and government sectors.

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