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Are we moving towards a healthier, more balanced work-life?

De : Maureen McCann

According to Fast Company’s interview with Gallup’s chief research scientist, Jim Harter, it’s more than money! Here are some of the fascinating data points shared: ► 69 million people quit their jobs in America last year. ► 64% of job seekers say the desire to earn more money is an important driver, but ► two-thirds... Read more »

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This advice comes with a warning.

De : Maureen McCann

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Let me point out a few posts offering conflicting advice that I found in my LinkedIn feed last month. ⚡ Only connect to people you know | Connect to everyone. ⚡ Cover letters are dead | Cover letters help you stand out in today’s market. ⚡ Resumes... Read more »

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3 ways to improve your job search, before you even begin.

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Ben spent the last 15 years in hospitality. He was a strong General Manager who knew how to increase business and manage large teams. In his current role, Ben knew his career had peaked. “I’m at the top. There’s nowhere for me to go, but out” he told me. The idea of staying put was... Read more »

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Stay ahead of the curve in your career.

De : Maureen McCann

Businesses, industries and professions change as they adapt to market conditions. “Jobs are changing and the skills needed to succeed will continue to evolve” reported LinkedIn’s Chief Economist, Karin Kimbrough last month (December 10, 2021). Booming industries change and so too must the people in them. (Think: Blockbuster video, vacuum sales professionals) Ensuring your employability... Read more »

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