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Stay ahead of the curve in your career.

Stay ahead of the curve in your career.

Businesses, industries and professions change as they adapt to market conditions.

“Jobs are changing and the skills needed to succeed will continue to evolve” reported LinkedIn’s Chief Economist, Karin Kimbrough last month (December 10, 2021).

Booming industries change and so too must the people in them. (Think: Blockbuster video, vacuum sales professionals)

Ensuring your employability in the future means paying attention to what is happening in the labour market today, and adapting.

According to LinkedIn’s ‘Data at Work’ projections, “on average, skills for the same job changed by about 25% from 2015 to 2021. At this pace, we expect members’ skills to have changed by as much as 40% by 2025.”

Savvy employees and job seekers who engage in professional development keep themselves marketable and employable.

One of the best ways to stay on top of what’s happening in your business, industry and profession is to invest in yourself through continuous learning and professional development.

Examples of professional development might include:

🏆 LinkedIn Learning

🏆 YouTube channels and individual videos

🏆 Conferences, webinars and presentations

🏆 Professional Associations and Memberships

🏆 Business and Annual Reports

🏆 Trend Analysis

🏆 News Reports

🏆 Industry News

🏆 Workshops hosted by your local library, school and/or community centre

Current market conditions are favourable for those looking to make a career change right now. That may not always be true. If you keep yourself informed about what’s happening in your industry and stay ahead of the curve you can easily manage market changes that come your way.

Read the report from LinkedIn | Data at Work 

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Maureen McCann is an award-winning career coach, master resume writer, and master certified interview, employment, and career strategist whose clients include C-level executives, managers, and professionals in all industries including the Canadian banking, oil and gas, healthcare, IT, and government sectors.

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