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Are we moving towards a healthier, more balanced work-life?

Are we moving towards a healthier, more balanced work-life?

According to Fast Company’s interview with Gallup’s chief research scientist, Jim Harter, it’s more than money!

Here are some of the fascinating data points shared:

► 69 million people quit their jobs in America last year.

► 64% of job seekers say the desire to earn more money is an important driver, but

► two-thirds of the reasons people actually left jobs in 2021 were due to issues related to their engagement and their overall well-being.

► 42% of the reasons people are quitting are tied to how they feel about their bosses and organizational cultures.

► 21% of why people quit boils down to well-being, employees’ feelings about their work-life balance, work schedules, and their ability to work remotely.

► 84% of participants in a recent survey of 10,000 people working in the finance, technology, and energy sectors, said they want to work remotely two or more days per week.

► 70% of a person’s engagement at work is attributable to the effectiveness of their manager.

Harter goes on to say “…employers must play [a role] in supporting the whole person, not just the worker…the goal for all organizations must be to create a “net-thriving culture” where they maximize the percentage of workers who are thriving and reduce the percentage who are struggling or suffering.”

What, if anything, have you seen in your company, industry or network?

How has the Great Resignation, Reshuffle, Renegotiation, and Rethink affected you and the people you know?

Are we moving towards a healthier, more balanced work-life?

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